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Anita Adams - A trained counsellor with the Metanoia Psychotherapy and Counselling Institute

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  "The time I spent with Anita gave me an opportunity to fully explore aspects of myself that I would not have been able to do alone. In doing this it enabled me to gain a greater understanding of the person I am and gave me the impetus to both challenge myself and make positive changes.  
  Anita's warmth & human touch means even the difficult aspects to acknowledge can be done safely and in a supported environment. The experience proved invaluable and I would not hesitate to return to Anita should I again need some support during life's inevitable challenging times."  
Psychotherapy & Counselling Client - Weybridge  (name withheld for confidentiality)
  "Anita Adams assisted me in gaining real clarity with the emotional and confidence issues I had, and then enabled me to make informed decisions about my actions and reactions. I had doubted myself for so long.  
  Through my therapy sessions with Anita I slowly recognised that I was indeed a powerful, enlightened and wonderful human being who simply had lost that belief through life's experiences and terribly hard knocks.  
  Anita is a true blessing and has brought pure goodness into my life from working with her over a period of eight months. I now feel better adjusted in my dealings with emotive situations and even moved abroad with my family with minimal stress.  
  Sincere thanks to Anita for guiding me to a more peaceful and happier existence."  
  Psychotherapy & Counselling Client - Hersham  (name withheld for confidentiality)   
  "Thank you for all your help with my daughter, she certainly seems a happier girl. I am very grateful to finally have my daughter back...  
  I feel so much better too!"  
  Psychotherapy & Counselling Client - Esher  (name withheld for confidentiality)   
Psychotherapy & Counselling for London, Surrey and Hampshire
  "Anita and I have worked together in our peer supervision sessions for more than three years. She has a gentle, thoughtful style and brings great qualities to the counselling situation. Anita is a talented therapist and a wise woman whose help and advice I value most highly."  
Lynne Milman - Counselling Colleague, Woking, Surrey
  BACP - British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy Member of BACP - British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy since 1997. (membership number 522341)  
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  Psychotherapy & coaching from Weybridge Surrey Counsellor   

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